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COP 15 Biodiversity Forum: Special Commitment Announcement on the Peruvian Amazon with Junglekeepers

December 12, 2022 14:00 - 14:30

Private event. Please note only accredited media can attend in person.

At COP15’s Business and Biodiversity Forum, Age of Union Alliance led by Dasilva will host a press conference to announce a major pledge to Junglekeepers over five years. As one of the alliance’s first environmental NGO partners, Junglekeepers works to protect the Las Piedras River located in the Peruvian “capital of biodiversity” Madre de Dios, in southeastern Peru. As part of the Amazon Basin, this area hosts a pristine rainforest with some of the world’s most rich and complex biodiverse ecosystems. This will expand Age of Union’s 2021 investment and allow Junglekeepers to create a protected corridor along the river in partnership with other local conservationists and indigenous communities.