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Get on the frontline of environmental conservation with our film series featuring the changemakers protecting our wildlife and ecosystems.




On average, 10,000 dolphins are slaughtered every year by unregulated commercial fishing on France’s Atlantic coast in the Bay of Biscay — twice as many as all other countries combined. Sea Shepherd France and the crew of the M/Y Age of Union are on the front lines, fighting to expose deadly fishing methods to get the government’s attention in any way possible. CAUGHT reveals the shocking consequences of excess consumerism, depleting oceanic ecosystems, while marine life are killed in massive fishing nets. These harmful practices would never be allowed on land where the public could see, and yet, there is still a lack of economic and political will to enforce marine laws and regulations. Through a raw, unfiltered look at boots-on-the-ground activism, the film pinpoints potential catastrophic ripple effects of overfishing, jeopardizing sustainability for all life on earth in the foreseeable future. There is, however, hope for protecting and restoring critically threatened oceans before it’s too late.

The Heart of a Mission

In a remote corner of the Peruvian Amazon, a small startup non-profit, Junglekeepers, comes together to create a wildlife corridor along the Las Piedras River.

We Are the Saint Lawrence River
Saint Lawrence River

The Saint Lawrence River estuary holds 20% of the world’s freshwater. Learn how changing our behaviours will make a difference in the river's future, the communities, and the wildlife that depends on it.

Welcome to the Age of Union

Age of Union believes that every individual has the power to transform our world for the better.