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The Heart of a Mission

1 episode 2021

  • The Heart of a Mission

    Episode 1

In a remote corner of the Peruvian Amazon, a small startup non-profit, Junglekeepers, comes together to create a wildlife corridor along the Las Piedras River.

The change makers

Paul Rosolie
Founder & Field Director
Brooklyn, New York

Originally from Brooklyn, New York. Paul's insatiable passion for wildlife and adventure led him to his mentor, JJ, in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. Paul is also a published author and has dedicated his life to saving the rainforest.

Dax Dasilva

Dax Dasilva is the Founder of Age of Union and Founder and Executive Chair of tech company Lightspeed Commerce. He was the author of the Age of Union book published in 2019 and began the Age of Union environmental conservation alliance in 2021.

Dina Tsouluhas
Co-Founder & Field Director
Montreal, Quebec

Originally from Montreal, Dina fell in love with the rainforest after leading a yoga retreat along the Las Piedras river. Dina is the head of the administration department and runs the ranger station, and is dedicated to working alongside the rangers to protect the rainforest.

Roy Riquelme
Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Roy is in charge of protecting the indigenous communities that still live remotely in the forest. His presence ensures the balance between the conservationists, the land and the indigenous communities. He is also passionate about educating the local communities through food and how to sustainably harvest the rich foods of the rainforest.