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Launch Letter From Age of Union Founder Dax Dasilva


Today, I share the launch of Age of Union Alliance, an action-oriented environmental initiative creating a global community of changemakers. Worldwide, we are already working on the ground to protect the planet’s threatened species and ecosystems and are inviting every individual to get engaged.


Dax Dasilva


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The next decade is crucial. We must change the narrative on our environment to one that is hopeful.

The alliance not only supports, makes visible, and connects the hands-on conservationists doing the critical work needed but also aims to leverage the ability of every individual with the belief that each person has the power to transform our world for good.

Through Age of Union’s conservation efforts, we hope to inspire change based on the notion that all acts, both big and small, when acted on together, can change the trajectory of our planet for the better.

In this belief, we launch with a $40 million pledge and debut projects spanning five countries — Canada, Peru, DR Congo, Indonesia, and Haiti — as well as debuting films on our early work in Madre de Dios, Peru and on the St Lawrence River, Québec, to show how Age of Union will both enact change through action and spread hope by showing how each one of us can get involved.

This is only the beginning.

The greatest threat to our planet isn’t a lack of awareness. It’s a lack of union. We are all interconnected. Every species, every ecosystem, every person. The Earth needs every one of us to act.

Because we recognize no one can do it alone.

We invite you to join the alliance and be a part of the Age of Union today.

Article written by
Dax Dasilva

Dax Dasilva is the Founder and CEO of tech company Lightspeed and the Founder of Age of Union. Powering the businesses that are the backbone of the global economy, Lightspeed's one-stop commerce platform helps merchants innovate to simplify, scale and provide exceptional customer experiences, serving retail, hospitality and golf businesses in over 100 countries. With Age of Union, Dasilva brings leadership, spirituality and environmental guardianship together to ignite the impactful changemakers that the world needs now. This mission comes to life through an alliance for the protection of the world’s threatened species and ecosystems.


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