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On the Frontline: Nature Seekers

2 episodes 2024

  • Leatherback People

    Episode 1 11:56

  • Nature Seekers: The Changemakers

    Episode 2 7:25

The first pair of episodes of “On the Frontline” documents the impactful work of Nature Seekers, an organization that has spent the past 35 years devoted to protecting the Leatherback turtle population during nesting season in Trinidad.

Moving from a community of poaching to protectors, to me, that is one of the greatest achievements.

Suzan Lakhan Baptiste
Sarah El Gharib

The change makers

Suzan Lakhan Baptiste
Founder, Nature Seekers

Adrian Wilson
Research Officer, Nature Seekers

Kyle Mitchell
Systems Administrator, Nature Seekers


Leatherback Turtles Face Existential Threats. This Trinidadian Group Fights for Their Future.

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