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Impact Report

Age of Union Alliance, the non-profit environmental organization led by Emmy award-winning executive producer, global environmentalist, and Lightspeed Commerce Inc. CEO Dax Dasilva, has published the first Age of Union Impact Report on Earth Day (April 22, 2024).

Age of Union has partnered with 10 conservation projects located in key areas throughout the world, achieving a number of successes, including helping protect over 931,000 acres of habitat and endangered species such as eastern lowland gorillas, bald eagles, bornean orangutans and more.

Age of Union 2023 report showcases the transformative impact of their collective efforts achieved since the founding of Age of Union in 2021, with a focus on 2023 results. Age of Union partnered with 10 projects globally, all focusing on boots-on-the-ground conservation and restoration work in critically endangered ecosystems. Through strategic partnerships, groundbreaking research, and grassroots initiatives, this collective dynamic is paving the way toward a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Age of Union top impact highlights

  • 931,000+ acres of habitat that Age of Union is helping protect with strategic support, among which 672,000+ acres that have newly come under improved and participatory conservation management.
  • 1,200+ species of wildlife observed in managed habitat.
  • 79 partnerships engaged and expanded through Age of Union’s partners.
  • 25+ million CAD leveraged by partners from the original Age of Union gifts.

Click here to read the Age of Union Impact Report now!

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